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Referral Program

Existing customers will receive 20% off one Home Photo Shoot for each new customer that they refer to RoSoFoto Real Estate Photography (after they have scheduled and paid for a Home Photo Shoot). Also, the person that was referred will receive 20% off their first Home Photo Shoot as well. They must provide the existing customer's name and phone number when contacting us. After the referrer has referred 10 successful first time Home Photo Shoots, referrer will receive 50% off their next Home Photo Shoot.

If you were referred to this website by an existing customer of RoSoFoto and you schedule a Home Photo Shoot, you will receive 20% off your first Home Photo Shoot (new customers only). The referring realtor will also receive 20% off their next Home Photo Shoot. You must provide the referring realtor's full name and phone number in the form below.

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