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Real Estate Photography Service

Service Area:

What You Get:

I will take photos of all requested rooms/shoot areas and features at multiple angles. I will choose and edit the best photos of each area and angle.

Add On Services:

Twilight or Weekend Shots
Add $100 to the cost for home photoshoots after 5:00pm. (See pricing page.)
Rush Editing
If the property was shot early in the day, photos will be delivered same day, by evening. Normally, 24 to 48 hour turnaround.
Web Page with Slideshow
Web page hosted on showing basic property information, your contact information, and a slideshow of all the photos. Here is an example:
Also, this page will be e-mailed to all in my database, thereby exposing you to more potential buyers. (Package Deal!! Web Page/Slideshow + Custom Domain Name as below = $100)
Custom Domain Name and One Year's Hosting
I set up a custom domain name like: "" for you. I provide web hosting as well. This domain is good for one year (one year registration), then will expire if not renewed. As mentioned above, this website will be e-mailed out to all subscribers on my email list. (Package Deal!! Custom Domain Name + Web Page/Slideshow as above = $100)
Clean up or Prep Charge
Clean up or photoshoot preparation charge if the property is not "shoot ready" per home preparation specifications and needs to be cleaned up and "decluttered" before shooting.
Digital Clean up/Photoshop Retouching
Standard image editing is included in the photoshoot however, if you need items edited out that could have been physically removed (dirt, hoses, wires, leaves, appliances, etc.), this can usually be done in Photoshop.

Payment Options:

  • Cash (I can create and e-mail you a receipt on the spot from my phone)
  • Credit Card (I swipe your card with a Square Card Reader in my phone)
  • PayPal: Click the Pay Now button below to pay an amount we discussed.

Invoice: Upon request, a detailed Excel invoice will be e-mailed to you within a few days.

Call or e-mail now if you have any questions or to book a photoshoot: