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Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Sure, you can take really nice photos with your iPhone or compact camera, but do you know the best angle to capture the size of the room? Do you know how to properly edit the exposure, brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation of the photos to convey a bright cheery atmosphere of the room that attracts people to come visit your listing? Do you have the lighting equipment to brighten up rooms that lack adequate natural lighting? Will your photos be as sharp as a photo taken on a high resolution professional DSLR camera?

Detailed Reasons:

Leave the photos to someone who does photography best. This way, you can focus more on what you do best - selling real estate; while I take care of the shooting and editing. Your time is much better spent marketing and showing your listings. Let me take gorgeous photos of your listings to help you get those appointments to show your listings.

Maximize the selling potential of your listings
with sharp, clear, beautiful, professional high quality photos.

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